So, the IMPACT roadshows have come to an end and what a success they were! Delegates found the day extremely useful, returning home with a pocket full of knowledge and tips around how to improve and implement their CSR.

As part of the day we carried out a short live survey to assess delegates perceptions of CSR at the beginning of the day and at the end. The results that emerged were very interesting with this differing between each of the various locations.

The main purpose of the survey was to assess whether people’s perceptions of CSR and their business needs around CSR changed throughout the day. Perceptions of delegates varied across the different regions that the roadshows were undertaken in, however post roadshow the knowledge transferred throughout the day changed peoples’ perceptions of CSR in a positive way.   Delegates went away now understanding that CSR is more than just supporting communities and issues outside of the organisation to understa  nding that it’s about their employees, their stakeholders and also about the environment

It was great to see that people gained so much from the day and were able to take away this knowledge and improve CSR within their business knowing that it’s about taking a holistic approach considering social, economic and environmental factors.

Conversations throughout the day also confirmed the live survey results, with some delegates reporting that they didn’t realise CSR is also about their employees and supply chains and not just the community. Watch the video below to hear some of the views from the delegates themselves.

Delegates were also asked whether they thought that they CSR could help to solve the skills shortage. Across all the regions, perceptions again varied. Speakers throughout the day and the workshops delivered detail on how CSR can indeed help to attract talent and again views on this shifted by the end of the day with the majority agreeing that CSR can play a part in helping to attract talent and reduce skills shortages.

Overall the roadshows were a huge success and the NFB and the project partners are extremely pleased with the outcomes from the roadshows and would like to thank everyone for their support and to all the fantastic speakers who provided their time and valuable stories and information to the delegates.

The CITB-funded IMPACT: CSR for Construction project offers a range of support to construction businesses to assist with their CSR, depending on what stage you are at in the journey and where you would like to take CSR within your organisation. You can find more information on our Funded Support page. 

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